The Wisdom and Woes of a Period

The Wisdom and Woes of a Period

Periods whether predicated or not can come in at a roaring intensity that just seems too hard to combat. That is where we call in the #FemmeFam to give us their best wisdom on fending off the woeful symptoms that can come with our period.

Oooh the back pain!
On occasion I have assumed I’m coming down with something and cancel my plans because I am contagious! But alas, we are left with a bloody mess (pun intended).
What is the knight in shining armour against period back pain?

One of our favourite ways is to stretch it out! Simple yet effective. Check out this link for some stretchy help.
For overnight relief you can't beat a good ole fashion wheat heat pack!

I’m emOtioNaL!              
Anyone feeling like they just can’t think straight around their period? You are certainly not alone. Sometimes we ride the hormonal wave and sometimes she takes us for a ride.
Throughout your cycle you will experience fluctuations in your hormones.  Now for some quick science. Some of these sprightly hormones that can rise and fall are your estrogen and progesterone levels. These particular hormones can have a sizeable effect on your serotonin levels. Serotonin is known on the street as a neurotransmitter which in short regulates your sleep cycle, mood and appetite. Low levels of serotonin are not only linked to sadness and irritability but also trouble sleeping and odd food cravings!   

What’s some of our favourite ways to manage the symptoms PMS?
Chocolate! Just kidding, everything in moderation! Give in the to the food cravings, but just a little. A great way to avoid the sugar highs and lows is to opt for the (relatively) healthy version of your favourite treat! Click this link for our fave Banana Choc Chip Muffin recipe (you can thank us later).
As much as you don’t want to exercise getting moving can help the mind and as well as reduce the severity of periods cramps. We think a short walk around the block is sufficient but if you want do two Pump classes back to back, then you do do you! We may or may not be dealing with it like Tina Fey this cycle...

Feeling blocked up or unusually desperate for the loo for a number 2 is a common experience for many gals around their period. The good ole hormonal fairy is the culprit! Low levels of prostaglandins and high levels of progesterone lead to your poop pulling a Houdini (i.e. disappearing). On the flip side of this, high levels of prostaglandins can give you diarrhea.
So how can we manage our poop with our period cycle?
Too much poop? Drink less caffeinated drinks and get amongst the BRAT diet (i.e. eat bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast), anything to firm up those slippery suckers (holy sh*t).
For constipation? Caffeinated drinks are a go! Eat some fibre and get the body moving.

My Mum’s hot tip is taking Primrose Oil supplements regularly to fend off the highs and lows (shout out to Lizzy). Remember, what works for one person may not work for you but that is why we highly recommend having a pack of Tim Tams on standby. Moral of the story is that you should listen to your body, because you know her better than anyone!

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