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Womens Period Undies & Briefs

The average woman over 450 periods in her lifetime. That’s a HELL of a lot of disposable tampons and pads going into landfill, so we’ve created an eco-friendly way to get through ‘that time of the month’ or even day-to-day if you have more frequent light bladder leakage.

At Femme Undies, our period underwear is an environmentally friendly, comfortable alternative to your usual sanitary products, giving you an easier way to deal with your periods. Take a look at our period underwear and find your perfect pair, all of which are designed to be washed and reused over 250 times, giving you great value and great bang for your buck! 

Period undies that lets you ditch disposables 

Let’s face it. Disposable sanitary products is a pain. You have to remember to stock up, and for women who have longer or irregular periods, it soon gets very expensive. Many disposables such as tampons contain plastic and nasty chemicals, which is bad for you and the environment and could potentially be bad for your overall health and wellbeing, and once you have used them, you have to deal with the disposal, which usually means they’re going straight into landfill. Who needs that stress in their life?!

FemmeUndies are period undies that let you stress left, forget about disposable tampons, liners and pads - for good!

They are designed to replace disposables once and for all and have an amazing wash life. One pair can be worn over 250 times ensuring that you save money in the long run, and you can feel great knowing you’re saving the environment and your body, one period at a time! 

Menstrual underwear gives you all-day (and night!) comfort 

Many types of sanitary products can be uncomfortable. Pads and liners can slide out of place or bunch up, and tampons can be painful to insert or remove, especially toward the end of your period. Plus, a lot of women simply dislike the feeling of wearing sanitary protection, as it’s just bulky, unnatural and annoying.

Wearing menstrual underwear is a comfortable and freeing solution, and you’ll no doubt wish you’d tried it sooner! Simply slip on your period midi briefs - or whatever style you choose - and you’re ready to go… it’s that simply!

All of our period undies are made from soft materials that are stretchy and move with you, not against you. They feel great to wear, whether you’re sitting behind your desk or doing something active or even overnight. How good?!

Our period briefs can cope with heavy and light days 

A lot of women want to try period briefs but worry that their periods are too heavy or are scared that they might leak. We understand! But rest assured (literally!), all of our briefs, from our period bikini hipster, to our boy shorts, give you all the leak proof protection you could ask for! You can choose between 100ml or 250ml absorbency with all our styles. For comparison, a supersized tampon can usually hold around 12ml, so these pants can cope with even the heaviest days and nights.

Our briefs come in a stretchy material, with elastic trims, so they stay in place nicely and prevent leaks. You won’t be adjusting your undies, so no matter whether it’s a light or heavy day, you can simply get on with your life and focus on the things that matter.

Femme Undies come in a range of styles 

Whether you’re a girl who loves her ‘Bridget Jones’ jumbo knickers, or you prefer something a little smaller - even sexier! - Femme Undies have period pants to suit your style. Our period full briefs give you maximum coverage for those days when you’re feeling the bloat, while our hipsters are a lower cut, so they’re just as cute as your everyday pants. Find your style at Femme Undies today. 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons, why not try some of our period underwear? Now is the time! They’re so easy to wear, as well as being easy to wash and dry, and they will save you money in the long-term. Not all undies were created equally! Shop online today for undies to take you through your period in style.

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