Difference Between Period-Proof & Pee-Proof Undies

Difference Between Period-Proof & Pee-Proof Undies

If there’s one thing we love about the modern age we live in (besides Uber Eats), it’s the options we now have for leak proof underwear. No longer are our choices limited to pads and diapers. Peeing in your panties has had a glow up, and we’re here for it!

No matter your flow or your needs, FemmeUndies has been working with BONDS for over 22 years to bring you comfy solutions. But with many choices comes a little confusion — which is why we’re here to help you navigate the difference between period-proof and pee-proof undies.  We are the pros, after all. 

What is period underwear?

Period underwear is an eco-friendly and ultra-comfy solution to staying fresh and dry during your menstrual cycle. Our period underwear combines the classic BONDS style and comfort you love with our innovative leak proof technology. They can hold up to more than 10 tampons’ worth of blood (yes, really!) and are odour neutralising.

With a leak proof pad sewn in, you can choose your pair based on the specific level of protection you’re looking for. Intended for lighter leaks, our 100mL design has four ultra-absorbent layers, whereas our 250mL undies come with seven very secure, very absorbent layers. 

What is pee-proof underwear?

Pee-proof panties provide an easy and undetectable way to manage incontinence. And if you’ve heard of urine wicking underwear, this means they feature a layer that keeps moisture away from the body, just like our 250mL option.

When you’re wearing our leak proof designs, you don’t have to stress about peeing your panties or feeling damp. Simply pull on a pair in the morning to keep you fresh and dry throughout the day. 

In what ways are they the same?

The technology we use for our period and pee-proof panties is the same. Our sewn-in leak proof pad provides the same (excellent) perk of absorbing moisture, no matter which liquid you’re working with.

Our leak proof underwear can also be washed and reused up to 250 times, so you can say goodbye to disposable options and hello to saving your money and the planet. 

In what ways are they different?

While period underwear is relatively new, versions of pee-proof panties have existed for yonks. Historically, the absorbency level may have been lower than period undies and the fit was not as flattering. But our next-level comfy knickers changed all that!

Our range allows you to simply choose the level of absorbency you need and in a range of different styles. Call us the leak-proof gurus; we've got your back, whether it’s pee or your period.

How do you choose which underwear is suitable for your needs?

Whether you like a full brief or a bikini hipster, our range of leak proof underwear features styles for every look and comfort preference. The only other choice you have to make is whether to go with our 100mL or 250mL design. 

The amount of menstrual fluid to leave the body across the length of an average period can be anywhere between 5-80mL. Our advice? Go with whatever fit and level of protection will make you feel the most confident. Life’s too short to worry about leaks!

Pick up your pair today

Now that you know what’s up in the world of period and urine wicking underwear, you’re ready to shop! And guess what? You can do so with confidence thanks to our 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not as impressed by our super-soft, comfy and convenient designs, you can simply return your item. Plus, you can get your pair delivered directly to your doorstep with free shipping Australia-wide.

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