To protect against the unpredictable

No more liners, tampons, or pads - oh my!

Leak proof underwear to protect against the unpredictable.

The World’s FIRST leak proof underwear that eliminates the competition.


Leak Proof Underpants & Underwear For Women

FemmeUndies – The World’s First Leak Proof Underwear

Say goodbye to all those nasty disposables and uncomfy liners, tampons and pads!

FemmeUndies is here to bring ladies who leak an innovative and environmentally-friendly alternative. After 30 years of hard work and innovation within the industry we’ve become the leakage experts and we’re proud to present our 100% period-proof and pee-proof underwear!

Underwear for every flow

If you’re ordering leak proof underwear for incontinence, you’re probably looking for something that’s both comfortable, reliable and cute. No one wants to go through their day wearing bulky underwear that feels way too close to wearing a diaper or a nappy.

At FemmeUndies, we don’t believe in having to choose between quality or style. Our leak proof underwear comes in all colours, shapes, and sizes, including bikini hipster, midi brief, full brief, and boyleg. You can even choose between four layers of protection (100ml) or seven (250ml), depending on your flow.

Save money while saving the planet!

What’s the worst thing about using disposable period and industrial incontinence products? Over time, they’ll have a pretty negative effect on both your wallet and the environment. That’s why we’ve designed our leak proof underpants to be washed and reused over 250 times!

Have any questions? Give us a call!

If you have any questions about our women’s leak proof underwear or would like to place an order, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our super friendly team will be happy to help you!

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