Best Period Panties To Buy In 2022

Best Period Panties To Buy In 2022

No matter your age, it’s essential to be prepared for Aunt Flo’s arrival. And when you have period pants in your top drawer, you’ll never be caught off guard! Whether you’re looking for a protective pair that you can wear from school to ballet or an overnight solution to prevent leaks and accidents from staining your sheets, our innovative period underwear for girls will keep you comfy, dry and confident. 

Available in leakage protection levels of 100mL and 250mL, our period pants are soft, breathable and ultra-lightweight. Confused about which cut or fit is right for you? We’re here to help you find teen underwear styles that suit you and your needs. 

Full briefs — the perfect overnight period underwear for girls

We’ve all been there — your period unexpectedly arrives overnight, and you wake up fearing you’ve spoiled your favourite pair of PJs or leaked all over your (white!) sheets. But with our full brief teen underwear, you can enjoy a peaceful, leak-free rest. Designed to give you unmatched support and protection against leaks, our best-selling period pants are made from 100% cotton and offer an extra snug fit — so there’s no need to fear that they’ll ride up, bunch or gather while you’re sleeping or on the move throughout the day. 

Whether you’re dealing with bloating, period pain or general discomfort, our thicker-waistband style of period underwear for girls gently places pressure on your tummy, keeping you feeling secure, supported and comfy. 

Midi briefs — period pants for all-day comfort 

Our midi brief teen period underwear will become your new go-to if you love a figure-flattering cut that hugs your hips and sits comfortably around your bum. These cotton period pants provide the perfect coverage for overnight wear, with 4 or 7 layers of period-proof and pee-proof protection. 

Made for girls who love to move, our midi briefs feature a soft inner lining and are designed with our innovative moisture-wicking technology. This means they’re lightweight and breathable, so you can enjoy walks and workouts while staying cool and dry. 

When you feel like getting your sweat on, our midi brief period pants also contain odour neutralising technology that helps keep smells at bay for all-day-long freshness. 

What more could you ask for in a comfy and cute pair of period underwear for girls?

Bikini hipsters — the go-to teen period underwear style

A classic shape designed for everyday comfort, it has never been easier to beat leaks when you have our bikini hipster teen underwear in your top drawer. With an inclusive design that suits all body shapes and sizes, leak-protection levels of 100mL and 250mL, and moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool and dry, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected throughout the day and all night, too — no matter how you move in your bikini cut teen underwear.

Enjoy a leak-free life and clean sheets with this snuggly fit that sits just above your hips while providing moderate bottom coverage. Perfect to wear with jeans or activewear, our bikini hipster period pants will support you on even your heaviest flow days.  

Choose the comfiest teen period underwear from FemmeUndies today 

Ready to shop the best range of period underwear for girls? We’ve got you covered — and so do our period pants! Say goodbye to leaks and mishaps, and get ready to go about your day with complete trust, knowing our teen period underwear will keep up with you every step of the way. 

We offer free Australia-wide shipping for utmost convenience, so your teen underwear can be delivered directly to your door without paying a single cent! Although we know you’ll love our collection of leak-proof period pants, if you’re not as satisfied as we are, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for total peace of mind. 

Jump into the innovative world of leak-free periods and join the growing #FemmeFam today!

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