Best Period Underwear Styles

Best Period Underwear Styles

Gone are the days when periods were an uncomfortable burden. Period panties have changed the game, and we couldn’t be more stoked about it.

Whether you’re tired of stains, dealing with unpredictable spotting or just want to be as comfy as possible while on your period, our innovative leak proof underwear could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Disposal pads, liners and tampons will become a thing of the past once you slip on a pair of our ultra-comfy designs. We’ve been working with BONDS for over 22 years to bring you knickers that feel good and are equipped with absorbent material to keep you confident. All you have to do is pick the design you prefer and your level of protection.

Find your fit

Our period panties come in a range of different styles, tried and tested to keep you protected and comfortable as you go about your day. Whether you’re after seamless period underwear that’s undetectable or a power piece that’ll support you no matter what, we’ve got options to suit. Ready to find the best period underwear for you? We thought you’d never ask!

Full brief 

All of our period underwear is next-level comfy, but the full brief offers that extra supportive hug where you need it most. Your BFF in times of bloating, this style features a high but flexible waistband and offers a full coverage cut.

One delighted customer says: “This pant is so nice and comfy and allows for my bloating during that time of the month. The absorbency is fantastic too! A winner all round.” - Madeleine M

Midi brief

Ahhh, miss Midi, the Goldilocks of our range. Not too much, not too little —  your behind will be well looked after in this cosy cut. Like all of our underwear, all the midi parts that sit against the skin are made with pure 100% cotton for that super soft, breathable feel.

One stoked customer says: “I am sooooooo in love with my new mid briefs, they are so comfortable and unnoticeable under my jeans, so that's a massive plus. I wish I’d heard of FemmeUndies sooner because they make the best leak proof comfy undies!” - Sherie H 

Bikini hipster

Like your underwear to lay low? This absorbent panty pair is available in the same customisable levels of protection but offers a classic, cute cut. We also have a bikini fit made especially for teens, in a range of fun colours and prints!

One stoked customer says: “I was super hesitant before trying these, but I’m so glad I gave them a go. They’re comfortable, the fabric is soft and best of all NO LEAKING, even on heavy days.” - Carina P


Speaking of girls on the go, allow us to introduce our boyshort design. Slightly longer in the leg, they’ll never ride up or sag and sports lovers will appreciate the extra protection against chafing.  

One stoked customer says: “Super comfortable and leakproof. They don’t dig in anywhere and you don’t even feel like you are wearing the pad liner. Favourite style and so reliable.” - Bianca M

Leak proof technology you can trust

We know how unique your flow is to you, so we have two levels of protection to choose from. Our 100mL design is intended for lighter leaks and features four ultra-absorbent layers, whereas our 250mL undies come with seven very secure, very period-proof layers.

No matter which absorbent panty design you like best from our range, the choice is yours. Our advice? Pick the level of protection that will leave you feeling the most confident. Life’s too short for leaks!

Pick up your very own pair of period panties today

Think you’ve found your perfect pair of period panties? We’re so excited for you to join the #FemmeFam! You can also shop with complete confidence because if you’re not as stoked with our undies as we are, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Living in Australia? Even better! We offer free shipping Australia-wide. Get ready for the best period underwear to land on your doorstep (without paying an extra cent!).

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