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Teens & Girls Period Panties

Save the world, one period at a time, with Femme Undies range of period underwear for Teens. Each pair of girls’ period underwear is designed to be washed and reused over 250 times, meaning that you can save a whole heap of tampons, pads and liners from ending up in landfill. But perhaps the best thing about our girls’ period undies is that they’re just so easy to use! She can slip them on in the morning and feel confident she has guaranteed leak proof protection – so she can go about her day. And they can even be used overnight, too!

Period underwear for teens lets her forget about tampons and sanitary pads

For many girls, those first periods can be incredibly difficult to manage, as she will no doubt still be trying to get to grips with what the heck is going on, let alone the type of sanitary protection that’s best for her. Girls can often find tampons daunting, uncomfortable, embarrassing and pads annoying to use, and they can even slide out of place.

Our range of period underwear for teens makes it easy for your teen to deal with their period. Period! There’s no need for any additional protection, our girls’ period underwear is all she’ll need for period proof protection. All that needs to be done is simply slip these period panties on in the morning and rinse them off when they need changing. She can even sleep in a pair for stress free and leakproof nights.

Femme Undies offers girls’ period undies in two absorbency levels: 100ml and 250ml. For context, a maxi sanitary pad can hold about 10ml, while a super tampon can absorb around 12ml, so our range of period underwear will be able to cope with even the heaviest of days.

Find girls’ period panties in comfy everyday styles

At Femme Undies, we’ve designed girls’ period panties in simple styles that she’ll be happy to wear. Choose between our boyleg or bikini styles in lots of different colours. If you need period undies for tweens, our range of sizes starts at 6-8 years and goes up to 14-16 years - with larger Adult sizes also available.

All of our period proof underwear for tweens and teens is designed to be super comfortable to wear. All the parts of the underwear that sit against the skin are 100% cotton, and they’re stretchy enough for even the most active of girls to wear. These pants are moisture wicking, and hold any period blood away from the body, so they just feel like wearing your everyday undies.

Our period panties for tweens are easy to wash

We know teenagers can add A LOT of extra laundry for you, so we’ve made sure our period panties for tweens and teens are easy to wash and care for.

Most girls find that our period proof underwear for tweens gives them protection all day. This means they won’t need to change them during a full school day. Once she’s finished with a pair, they simply need to be rinsed, and then they can then go straight in to the machine with similar colours on a normal wash. They can even be popped into the tumble dryer for added drying convenience.

At Femme Undies, you can shop for a wide range of period underwear for teens that has been made especially for the younger generation. This range of period undies has been designed to make life easier for tweens and teens, so they don’t have the hassle of pads and tampons or needing to change sanitary products at school. With a range of sizes and fun styles and colours, your teen will love our period pants.


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