Best Leakproof, Absorbent Period Panties Of 2022

Best Leakproof, Absorbent Period Panties Of 2022

Anyone who’s ever had their period has a mishap story to tell. Underwear that looks like a crime scene? Been there. Caught out on a surprise visit without a tampon? You bet. Pad shifted in the night, making way for sheet stains? Always a fun time.

But no longer are disposable tampons, pads and liners the only option. Period underwear is the sustainable, game-changing solution making menstruating no big deal (and better for our planet). Our range of leak proof underwear looks and feels just like regular knickers, only fitted with absorbent material to keep you feeling fresh, dry and protected.

Seriously, you can barely tell the difference. FemmeUndies has been working with BONDS for over 22 years to bring the style and comfort you love combined with our leak proof technology. 

Whether you’re working with a heavy flow or need something for those lighter days, we’ve rounded up the best of our women’s period underwear right here. 

Best for a heavy flow: FemmeUndies Period Full Brief (200mL)

Our full brief design will be your BFF for those bloated and heavy days during your cycle. With support in all the right places that feels like a big, soft hug, it’s also the perfect pair for overnight wear. Choose our 200mL option (with seven layers of super secure, super-absorbent protection) and sleep easy knowing you won’t wake up to leaks or red sheets!

Best for everyday wear: FemmeUndies Period Midi Brief (100mL/200mL)

With a comfy amount of coverage and made with breathable, pure cotton fabric, our midi briefs offer the ideal middle ground for everyday wear. All of our leak proof underwear has the choice of 100mL or 200mL protection, so you can cater to your flow.

Best for spotting: FemmeUndies Period Bikini Brief (100mL)

For those lighter leak days where you don’t want to feel like you’re on your period, our bikini briefs are THE BEST. Our 100mL option features four ultra-absorbent layers for peace of mind. Don’t be fooled, that’s still over 10 tampons’ worth of blood!

Best for teens: FemmeTeen Bikini or Boyleg Brief (100mL/200mL)

We’ve got two teen styles that make managing periods a breeze for young girls. Our boyleg briefs are ideal for sports lovers and those on the go, while our bikini briefs for teens are available in a range of fun colours and prints. No need to fear sleepovers anymore, our underwear for periods has your back!

Tried and tested (truly!)

We’ve been in the leakage biz for over 30 years, so our leak proof technology has been tried, tested, washed and reused over and over and over and over and ove– well, you get the hint! 

No matter which of our top recommendations you prefer, each set has a crotch you can trust and tailor to suit your needs. From full briefs to bikini cuts and styles for teens, all of our leak proof underwear is available in both 100mL and 200mL absorbent versions. Simply choose the style and level of protection that will give you the most confidence.  

Pick up your pair of women's period underwear from FemmeUndies today 

Now that you’ve got our period underwear recommendations to guide you, it’s time to shop! And guess what? You can do so with peace of mind thanks to our 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not as in love with our underwear as we are, you can return your item/s. 

Living in Australia? Even better! We offer free shipping across the country. Get ready for the best period underwear to land on your doorstep (without paying an extra cent!).

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