The Period Tracker Breakdown

The Period Tracker Breakdown

There is a lot of different period trackers out there that all boast helpful features that we simply can not live without (or so we're told). We put the FemmeFam to the test to figure out which ones exceeded expectation and which ones weren't our cup of tea.


Flo let's you track your period, help track ovulation or even follow your pregnancy.
Flo can help you track all the good stuff, like the length of your overall cycle and duration of your period. Flo even dives deeper into tracking the nitty gritty such as PMS symptoms, moods, sex drive, water consumption and more. Flo allows you to set up notifications when your period is on the horizon so you don't get caught out without your FemmeUndies. Flo also offers a community in which they have a range of resources regarding women's health topics including: sleep, acne, stress and pregnancy.
$15.49 / Monthly
$60.99 / 6 Months
$75.99 / Year


Clue claims to 'demystify' your menstrual cycle. It offers period predications and even cramp and PMS alerts as well as accurate ovulation and fertility tracking. It identifies itself as a fact based period tracker, no fluffy stuff. Clue allows you to monitor birth control to menstruation and even moods and sex habits! All these factors can be logged and monitored to 'identify cyclical patterns in your health'. Clue aims to assist women in understanding their overall body and health. Woo! We love that.
$1.49 AUD / 1 Month
$13.99 AUD / 12 Months


Natural Cycles

Here's an interesting one gals. Natural Cycles is actually an approved contraception tool in the USA and Europe! The app integrates with the Apple Health App. Natural Cycle claims to be 98% effective with perfect use - pretty similar to the classic pill. A free demo mode is avaialble, however (like many of the apps) you will have to pay for them at some stage. Natural Cycles monitors how your cycle works from daily updates from where your cycle is at to when you are fertile. The FemmeFam is a little skeptical of allowing an app to be the sole defense against baby-town but if it tickles your fancy than it's worth a try.
Yoohoo! This app requires a two-decimal basal thermometer to use.
£49.99 GBP / Yearly Plan (free thermometer included)
£6.99 GBP / Monthly Plan (no thermometer included)

Life - Period & Health Tracker

Life allows you to track your period, estimate ovulation, monitor symptoms and moods as well as schedule cycle reminders. There is the option of Upgrading to Premium which then adds on the ability to track weight, fertility, sex, fitness, sleep, nutrition, health and medication and also keep a diary.
7 day free trial
$2.99 / Weekly

Period Diary

Period Diary is probably one of the more basic apps to use. It allows you to do all the standard stuff like track your period, fertility, ovulation, moods, symptoms, weight and even make notes. These notes logged will pop up in your calendar. For all those eating for two (or more!), you can switch to pregnancy mode. You're able to set up fertility notifications and even sync it with your Calendar. Overall Period Dairy feels a little dated and not as easy to use as the others mentioned, however if it works for you than 'why fix what's not broken'!


Overall, the FemmeFam favourites have been trickled down to two; Clue and Flo. This is because they had the easiest user interface to navigate with the best features. We love the idea of using a Period Tracker for keeping tabs on your symptoms and being able to better predict the arrival of 'Shark Week'. It can also be a handy tool for the people out there hoping to fertilise their eggs. In saying this, like any thing in life, do what feels right and what suits your lifestyle best. 

Want to know why a Period Tracker can be a helpful tool?
Lyndi Cohen AKA The Nude Nutritionist does an awesome article on why tracking her period helped her overall health
Click through to the link here

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