Best Boyshort Panties For Women 2022

Best Boyshort Panties For Women 2022

Nobody should have to choose between underwear that’s comfy and underwear that looks great. That’s like only choosing one snack at the movies! Whether you’re planning on wearing your favourite pair of jeans or a silk slip skirt, an excellent pair of underwear will do its job to remain smooth, crease-free and pleasant to parade around in all day.

And if you ask us, our range of boyshorts underwear for women hit the brief (see what we did there?). FemmeUndies has been working with BONDS for over 22 years to bring together the cosy design and style you love with our innovative leak proof technology. After all, what’s more comfortable than knowing your knickers will protect you against the unpredictable all day?

With our best boyshorts for women, you can forget about pulling, tugging and stressing about stains. Simply slip on a pair and get ready to seize the day!

The perks of picking (but not picking at) our boyshorts

Wondering what makes the best boyshort underwear for women different from others? It’s all in the cut. The leg openings are longer, ending lower down the thigh than other panty designs. This can be a real perk for sports lovers and those constantly on the go as it helps prevent chafing. 

The boxer-like cut is also great for underneath leggings and sportswear tights (worn for exercise, or you know, going for coffee), as it won’t cut in and leave you tugging at elastic all day. Our boy leg undies are particularly great for young girls and teens, with a range of sizes to suit every body shape.

The most comfortable women's boyshort underwear

We pride ourselves on creating comfortable, leak proof underwear that’ll provide support where you need it most. Featuring smooth, cosy materials and relaxed waistbands, these are the best of our boyshort underwear.

FemmeTeen Boyleg

This classic BONDS design is proudly made in Australia, offering nothing but a 100% cotton feeling against the skin. So cosy! The pair features contoured leg seams to prevent ride-up and a soft, stretchy waist for a flattering fit. 

Virtually invisible under any outfit, the crotch is fitted with our innovative leak proof technology for everyday leakage situations. Did you know that one in three women experience Light Bladder Leakage (LBL)? Yep, you’re not alone! Choose between our 100mL design for lighter leaks or our 250mL undies for extra secure, pee-proof layers.

One stoked customer says: “The best undies ever! These are amazing! Super comfortable and leak proof. They don’t dig in anywhere and you don’t even feel like you are wearing the pad liner. Favourite style and so reliable.” - Bianca M.

PERIOD — FemmeTeen Boyleg

At FemmeUndies, we consider ourselves period experts. Our boyshort period panties are moisture-wicking, which means they’ll hold any period blood away from the body to keep you feeling dry and fresh. They’re just like wearing your everyday undies, only they can hold more liquid than 10 tampons! 

They feature the same super soft design and breathable pure cotton fabric you know and love, with the bonus of being odour neutralising. Walk, run, dance or move your way and still stay comfy all day and night with our ingenious invention.

Pick up a pair of the best boyshorts for women from FemmeUndies today 

Ready to shop for the best boyshorts for women? Our comfortable and flattering designs are just what you’re looking for. Get ready to go about your day with complete confidence knowing we’ve got your back against leaks.

And because we know how important finding the right pair is, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if for whatever reason you’re not as satisfied with our undies as we are, simply return your purchase and we’ll happily give you your money back.

Living in Australia? Hi neighbour! Your pair will be delivered directly to your doorstep without paying a single cent because we offer free shipping Australia-wide. Pick up your new pair today and join the (very fabulous) #FemmeFam!

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