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Leak Proof Underwear For Teens

Introducing our leak proof underwear for teens

With over 30 years in the leakage biz, our goal is to make life easier for tweens and teens. Unlike our beloved girls period undies, this leak proof underwear for teens has been specifically designed to to help girls aged 6-16 years though every day leakage situations like the ever-so-common, Light Bladder Leakage. In fact, one in three women experience LBL, so there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about! 

With a range of sizes, colours and fun styles like boyleg or bikini, we have a pair of undies to help every girl feel comfortable and confident as she goes about her day. 

Eco-friendly and ultra comfy

No more disposable nasties! Our leak proof underwear for teens can be washed and reused over 200 times, so you can steer clear of liners, tampons and pads for good. Simply pop these bad boys on in the morning and you’re set for the entire day — no awkward adjustments at school needed and they can even be used overnight, too! 

The best thing about our leak proof underwear for teens is that they feel just like normal undies. Every pair has been constructed to be super comfortable to wear and all the parts of the underwear that sit against the skin are 100% cotton. Stretchy enough for even the most active of girls to wear, these bright numbers are here to let girls be girls.

How do FemmeUndies work?

With our leak proof underwear for teens, you can choose undies based on the level of protection you need. Our 100mL design has four ultra absorbent layers and is intended for lighter leaks, whereas our 250mL undies have seven secure, pee-proof layers. These panties are moisture wicking, and will hold any period blood away from the body, so they just feel like wearing your everyday undies. Both options can hold more than 10 tampons and are odor neutralising, super soft and will keep you fresh and dry, day and night. Once used, just give them a rinse and then you can chuck them straight into the washing machine with similar colours on a normal wash. 

Meet the leakage experts

We’re an Australian, family-owned business whose sole focus is to protect you against the unpredictable with our tried and tested period and leak proof underwear for teens. We have been working with BONDS undies for over 22 years to bring YOU the best of both worlds. Femme undies combines the classic BONDS' comfort and style you love with our innovative leak proof technology – so you can keep on doing you.

Welcome to the #Femmefam

Join the FemmeFam today and discover a space for femmes of any and every flow to come together and speak candidly, lend a helpful tip or a tickling tale without any judgement, stigma or taboos. Find out handy info like our fave period tracker apps or tuck into plenty of delicious recipes. We’re a family after all, right ladies? 

Pick up your pair today!

FemmeUndies is the World’s first, not-a-back-up. Our leak proof underwear for teens is the answer you’ve been looking for. Leave those damned disposables in the store and  work, rest, play (and leak!) knowing you’re in the world’s safest hands. 

You can shop with complete confidence because if for whatever reason you’re not as stoked on our undies as we are, we have a 60 day money back guarantee. Get your pair delivered directly to your doorstep without paying a single cent because we also offer free shipping Australia wide. Save your money and our planet by picking up your new pair of leak proof underwear for teens today!

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