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Leak and Period Proof Underwear For Women

Introducing our leak proof underwear for women

With over 32 years in the leakage biz, we’re something of leakage experts and we strive to make life easier for ladies everywhere. Our famous leak proof underwear for women are designed to help women combat every day leakage situations like the ever-so-common, Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). In fact, one in three women experience LBL, so rest assured that you are not alone! When you’re wearing a pair or our ladies leak proof underwear, you can keep on doing you — because life’s too short to be held back by leaks.

Next-level comfort (nek-level comfy!)

Eco-friendly, super sustainable and ultra comfortable, our leak proof underwear for women can be washed and reused over a whopping 250 times(!!!), helping you to steer clear of those nasty disposable liners, tampons and pads - FOR EVER! Just slip on a pair of our leak-proof undies in the morning and you’re set for the entire day — no awkward adjustments at work needed and you can sleep in them too. The best thing about our ladies' leak proof underwear is that they feel just like your regular undies. Choose from a hipster bikini or a midi or full brief, depending on what you’d usually wear. Whatever style speaks to you, you can trust that every pair has been constructed to be super comfortable and all the parts of the underwear that sit against the skin are made with pure 100% cotton. When it comes to choosing a size, if you’re stuck, we recommend going for a size up just to be safe.

How do FemmeUndies work?

With our leak proof underwear for women with a leak proof pad sewn-in, you can choose your pair based on the specific level of protection you’re looking for. Intended for lighter leaks, our 100mL design has four ultra absorbent layers, whereas our 250mL undies come with seven very secure, very pee-proof layers. These panties are also moisture wicking, and will hold any period blood away from the body, so they just feel like wearing your everyday undies. Both options can hold more than 10 tampons and are odour neutralising, super soft and will keep you fresh and dry, day and night. Once used, just give them a rinse and then you can chuck them straight into the washing machine on a normal wash - they’re even tumble dryer friendly for those slow-drying days! 

Trust the leakage experts

As an Australian, family-owned business, Femme undies has been working with BONDS for over 22 years to bring YOU the best of both worlds. Pairing the classic BONDS comfort and style you love with our innovative leak proof technology, our tried and tested ladies leak proof underwear is here to keep you protected against the unpredictable so you can feel comfortable and confident as you go about your day. 

Pick up your pair today

FemmeUndies is the World’s first, not-a-back-up. Our leak proof underwear for women is the answer you’ve been looking for. With no more disposable nasties, you can work, rest, play (and leak) knowing you’re in the world’s safest hands with our products. Even better, shop with complete confidence because if for whatever reason you’re not as stoked on our undies as we are, we have a 60 day money back guarantee. Get your pair delivered directly to your doorstep without paying a single cent because we also offer free shipping Australia wide. Save your money and our planet by picking up your new pair of ladies leak proof underwear and join the #FemmeFam!

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